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Founded in 2012 by Alexander Komlosi, Emmi Komlosi and Anna Rombach, Culture Current has made important steps toward our goal of creating and promoting empathetic, critical and mutual interaction and dialogue between different individuals, groups and ideas on topical issues. We organize and implement cultural, social and educational activities to work towards this goal.  We focus on international, multi-cultural and democratic themes. We are committed to our local community in Helsinki, Finland, just as we reach out to others with shared values around the globe.

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When you become a Supporting Member of Culture Current, you join our efforts to promote empathetic, critical and mutual interaction and dialogue between different individuals, groups and ideas. Your yearly membership fee will provide crucial support for our day-to-day activities and to make our projects for 2017 possible. As a Supporting Member you will join us in our work and receive:

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Alexander Komlosi

Chairman of the Board/Puheenjohtaja

Culture Current

Some of Culture Current’s accomplishments so far include:

It Could Be Worse at Teatteri Takomo in Helsinki: A one-person performance exploring issues of economic polarization, immigration, racism and xenophobia in Finland (2014).

(Inter)acting with the Inner Partner courses: Culture Current and its members have organized beginner and intermediate courses since 2012 with teachers including Alexander Komlosi, Milja Sarkola, Ida Backer and Hanna Raiskinmäki. Since then, we have taught at least three beginner and intermediate courses a year.

Elämäni Polut: Culture Current is supporting our members, Emmi Komlosi and Ida Backer, in this applied theatre project with youth living in foster care institutions in Helsinki. Their project aims to cultivate agency in these young people’s lives.

English Coaching Services: To further our efforts to create and to promote international and multi-cultural educational activities and to generate funds to support our activities, we have teamed up with ProTalk, a specialist in language training, to provide English coaching services.

Board of Advisors: We are honored to have gathered the support and guidance of an illustrious group of insightful individuals whose frank feedback and firm backing keep us flowing.

Our past currents were made possible thanks to the collaboration of organizations like Teatteri Takomo, Luckan, Kulturpost, Moniheli, Interkult Kassandra, Labbet.

– We presented It Could Be Worse…in your home town, premiered at Wasa Teater in April, 2016.


(Inter)acting with the Inner Partner Course for Beginning Students

(Inter)acting with the Inner Partner 

Course for Beginning students 

For more information about (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner, please click here.

The information below is archival information from a previous course.


Open to the General Public

Taught in English, Finnish and Swedish

September-December 2015

Helsinki, Finland

A Path Toward Creative Interacting

How are you a creative personality? How can you be a creative partner to yourself? What are your themes? How do you experience freedom in a performance situation? How can you engage in dramatic dialogue and cultivate empathy? How can you develop your vital energy? What does it mean to pay attention to and to follow your actions in the present? How do you develop ease and plasticity in your doing and being? How do you play?

An Authorial Personality through Dramatic Practice

(Inter)acting with the Inner Partner (IwIP or AwIP) is a solo improvisation discipline that explores and practices these and other questions on the path of an authorial personality. It is a guided process of coming to know yourself by relating to your inner partners in public. It offers a holistic (psychosomatic) path of studying and practicing the dynamics of acting, dramatic play, and creative communication. IwIP’s origins are at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, where its creator, Prof. Ivan Vyskočil, developed the discipline. It is rooted in the fields of theatre, psychology, and philosophy.

A Practice Open to All, An Open Practice

IwIP is a practice open to all interested in developing creative relationships with their inner partners in the context of our community. Many artists and creative personalities internationally and in Finland – including theatre directors, actors, choreographers, dancers, writers, musicians, filmmakers, students, therapists and teachers – have found it inspirational for their development. IwIP is not meant exclusively for any one field, nor does it have a predetermined application. IwIP is an “opening” discipline – it opens paths to possibility. It involves risking encounter, discovering questions, asking and responding to them fully. In its broadest sense, IwIP is a path of self-discovery, self-understanding, self-acceptance, and self-realization. In its more specific applications, IwIP becomes what you make of it.

IwIP in Finland

IwIP has been in Finland since 2007. It has become part of Finnish cultural and educational life primarily through Milja Sarkola’s theatre work and Alexander Komlosi’s teaching (Teatteri Takomo, TeaK, Svenska Teatern). Courses have given in Helsinki since 2011. IwIP has also been taught internationally.

New Course for Beginning Students

Kulttuuriyhdistys Culture Current, ry is organizing a new (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner (IwIP) course for beginning students who have never studied the discipline before. Course taught in English and Finnish/Swedish as needed. Participants practice in the language of their choice. Max 12 students per course.

Course Schedule & Location: 2.9 to 16.12.2015 (~16 classes). Classes meet once a week on Wednesdays from 17h-19h. If needed, another class from 19h-21h. Class times subject to small changes. We practice at the Finnish Actors Union Rehearsal Space, Annankatu 31-33D, Helsinki, Finland.


Alexander Komlosi, MFA, PhD. Co-teacher: Ida Backer, MFA. Guest teacher: Milja Sarkola, MFA.  For more information about the teachers, please click on a name.


Between 45€-75€ per month depending on the number of classes per month. Discounts available to unemployed and students.

3 classes in a month: 45€/35€ (unemployed, student)

4 classes in a month: 60€/46€ (unemployed, student)

5 classes in a month: 75€/57€  (unemployed, student)

Payment is per month, not per class! Fee paid monthly in advance to Culture Current. We will bill you. No refunds or credit for classes you do not attend.

Payment for first month (5 classes): 75€/57€* due upon acceptance. This payment assures your place in the course.

*Become a Supporting Member of Culture Current and half or your donation is discounted from the cost of this this course (the discount is applied to the first payment).  For example, if you donate 20€, 10€ is discounted from this course. In addition to supporting Culture Current’s work, as a Supporting Member you will receive discounts to other Culture Current courses and events as well as other benefits.

Application Deadline

August 28th, 2015 or until course is full. We welcome people from a wide range of fields, cultures, languages and interests!


Send an email with short bio/CV (English preferred) to Alexander Komlosi,

More information about the course

Alexander Komlosi, +358 (0)404 110 706,

More information about (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner

Visit the (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner website.

You can also join the IwIP International Facebook group.

Thanks to our partners on this project:

Luckan i huvudstadsregionen rf

Vi använder / We use


It Could Be Worse.

(Click through photos above.)

It Could Be Worse. (ICBW.) is a one-person performance exploring issues of economic polarization, immigration, racism and xenophobia in Finland.

ICBW. is presented as an unconventional convention given by one host (Felix Kuullppaa) on the theme of “it could be worse.” It is a playful experimentation with traditional presentational forms: conference-convention, monologue, stand-up, and power-point presentation. Performance languages: 80% English, 10% Finnish, 5% Swedish, 1.1% Russian, 0.9% Czech, 3% Other.

Performance History

ICBW. was premiered at Takomo Theatre in Helsinki, Finland on May 5th, 2014. After a run of six shows, it received praise form audiences and critics alike. It was later presented at the InterKultFest at Stoa on September 13th, 2014.


ICBW. was produced in cooperation with Teatteri Takomo and supported by Kultuuriyhdistys Culture Current ry, and by grants from the Arts Promotion Center Finland and the Finnish Cultural Foundation.


Performance Sources

ICBW.’s subject matter is drawn from on one hand from the author’s personal experience (as a white Czech-American immigrant to Finland) as well as interviews of individuals who have been affected by the immigration debates in Finland, and people who have strong opinions about the immigration question. In gathering the material for the performance, we interviewed and photographed recent and long-time immigrants to Finland, first-generation Somali and Indian Finns, middle-aged Finnish men, Swedish-speaking teenagers as well as well-known individuals like Li Andersson, Jussi Halla-Aho, Simon Elo, Heikki Hursti and Ben Zyskowicz.

Creative Team

Writer, director, actor: Alexander Komlosi

Sound Design: Ina Aaltojärvi

Set Design: Camilla Nenonen

Light Design: Heikki Paasonen

Technician: Markus Heino

Interviews: Tuukka Pasanen

Photography: Paula Virta

Selected Reviews

  • “De främlingsfientliga rösterna hör vi när Alexander Komlosi äter bulle tillsammans med Jussi Halla-aho i ett videoklipp. Halla-aho drömmer om ett Finland som inte erbjuder inflyttade några som helst sociala stödformer, något som får Komlosi och publiken att rulla på ögonen. Vi skrattar åt cirkelargumenten och den överlag enkelspåriga retoriken, samtidigt som vi vet att ett verkligt, skrämmande Sannfinland lurar där någonstans bakom knuten. Det kan bli värre, mycket värre.”

Ätä bulle med en främling, Isabella Rothberg, Hufvudstadsbladet, 07.05.2014

  • “It could be worse on … tärkeä avaus. Maahanmuuttajataustaisten ääntä suomalainen teatteri toden totta tarvitsee.”

Maria Säkö, Helsingin Sanomat, 09.05.2014,

Other publicity

  • A Youthful Festival of Culture, James O’Sullivan, Helsinki Times, 11.09.2014

  • Yhden miehen maahanmuuttokonferenssi, Tiina Vanhanen, Voima, 4.2014
  • It Could Be Worse. at Teatteri Takomo

  • InterKultFest -festivaalin ohjelmistoa

More Information

Please contact Alexander Komlosi,

(Inter)acting with the Inner Partner Courses in Finland

(Inter)acting with the Inner Partner Courses in Finland

Culture Current and its members have been organizing (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner (IwIP) courses in Helsinki, Finland since January 2012.  The first beginner and intermediate courses were organized in collaboration with Alexander Komosi and Milja Sarkola at Takomo Theatre. Since then, Culture Current has opened up 1-2 Beginner courses a year.  In 2012 and 2013 beginner and intermediate courses took place at The Performance Center Helsinki.  Since then, we have been practicing at the Finnish Actors’ Union rehearsal spaces.

Alexander Komlosi has been leading these classes. Ida Backer and Hanna Räskinmäki have also assisted and lead classes.  We’ve had guest teachers from Prague, including Irena Feithová and Howard Lotker.

In Finland, Alex has also taught classes at the Theatre Academy Helsinki, Svenska Teatern (the Swedish Theatre), and Valtimonteatteri independent of Culture Current.

Alex has taken advantage of IwIP to develop his own solo improvisational performance and pedagogical approach. It embraces many of IwIP’s basic principles and practices as well as those Alex from his research into performative well-being, and his own authorial acting and clown practice.

What is (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner? 

(Inter)acting with the Inner Partner (IwIP) is a solo improvisation discipline that explores the nature of dialogues in and around us. It is a guided process of coming to know yourself by relating to your inner partners in public. IwIP offers a holistic (psychosomatic) path of studying and practicing the basic principles and dynamics of creative communication and dramatic play.

What does it mean to be and (inter)act dramatically, playfully and spontaneously in a performance situation?

Through IwIP, you study and practice these and related questions and how they relate to a number of core values and dynamics like dialogue, partnership, conductive empathy, freedom, vital energy, dramatic play, and authorship with a trained teacher in class. You reflect on your experiences through written reflections on your own (with your inner partners).

In its broadest sense, IwIP is a path of self-discovery, self-understanding, self-acceptance, and self-realization. In its more specific senses, IwIP becomes what you make of it.

For more information about the discipline, please visit IwIP’s website.

If you’re interested…

IwIP courses for beginning students (if you have never practiced the discipline before)

IwIP for beginning students are being planned for spring, 2019. Please contact us if you’d like to receive information.

IwIP courses for continuing students (if you have participated in a course for beginning students and have attended at least 8 classes)

For fall, 2018, IwIP courses for continuing students will take place twice a month on Saturdays.  Please click here for more information.

If you are interested in more information, please contact us or sign up for our newsletter.