Artists Talking

Artists Talking is a series of thoughtful public conversations in English with contemporary artists working in Finland.

The conversations will be between a host artist and one or two guest artists. They will take place 1-2 times a month at Yö Gallery in downtown Helsinki starting spring, 2023. The conversations will be recorded and presented as a podcast series of the same name in order to reach a wide audience in Finland and internationally. The language of the program is English.

The project aims to foster a quality cultural program for artistic communities and the general public. It will create a supportive and casual space to explore each artist’s personality, as well as their professional and personal questions, themes, and concerns.  It will build a shared intercultural space where Finnish and non-Finnish artists have an opportunity to reflect on their work and artistic lives in public. The talks will allow artists and audiences to meet, learn from one another, and deepen mutual contact.

The artists participating in this project will include a diverse group of Finnish-,
Swedish-speaking, and international artists from various artistic fields working in Finland. After each talk, audience members and the artists will explore themes more deeply during an informal reception.

This project is currently in pre-production for 2023.  During the spring 2023 pilot period, the talks will take place 1-2 times a month. Podcast episodes will be released two-weeks after each talk. Artists Talking will continue in autum 2023.

Please check our website and social media for updates during autumn 2022.

Curatorial Advisors

Curatorial Advisors on the project include: Culture for All, Globe Art Point, TINFO (Linnea Stara, Jukka Hyde Hytti), Otso Huopaniemi, Sofia Molin, Heidi Sodinsalo, and Culture Current's Board of Directors.


This project is made possible by funding from Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland and the Arts Council Finland (Taike), as well as support from Culture Current, its members and supporting members.