Open Call Publicist Services

Culture Current is seeking publicist services for two international grant-funded projects based in Helsinki. 

The first project, Openings, is a process-oriented theatre and performance workshop in Helsinki, Finland. It is for performing artists living in Finland, particularly welcoming the participation of international (foreign-background) artists. Our goals are to share and to develop improvisational performance practices based on working methods common to the core working-group. Further, we aim to enable intercultural dialogue and artistic collaboration among various linguistic and cultural communities in Finland, and support the performative well-being of artists.  Publicity and marketing for the project will begin January, 2022.  The workshop will take place in spring 2022.

The second project, Artists Talking, will be a series of thoughtful hour-long public conversations in English with contemporary artists working in Finland. It will take place at Yö Gallery in downtown Helsinki.  The project will open up each artist's methods and life to explore their creative personality. The conversations will be recorded and presented as a podcast series.  Publicity and marketing for the project will begin in spring 2022.  The project will take place in autumn 2022.

Both these projects aim to promote the inclusion and participation of cultural minorities in Finnish life and culture. These projects are funded by Arts Council Finland (Taike), Finnish Cultural Foundation (Uudenmaan kulttuurirahasto), Helsinki City, and The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland (Svenska kulturfonden).

We are seeking an experienced publicist with strong links in the Finnish cultural community, especially theatre and dance.  Connections to leading cultural media are vital.  The publicist will craft and execute publicity and marketing plans for both these projects, which may include preparing press releases, building and maintaining relationships with various media, designing visual images for the projects, and developing social media campaigns. This is not a salaried position. Culture Current requests the publicist bill for their services.

Culture Current is accepting applications as of November 26th, 2021 until publicist services are secured. The services will begin as soon as possible for the first project, Openings, and continue until the concluding of the second project, Artists Talking

For more information and/or to send an offer, please contact Alexander Komlosi, alexander[at]

About Culture Current

Culture Current is an arts and education non-profit organization.  We are rooted in Helsinki, Finland’s cultural scene. Our work branches out to the world.  Culture Current produces artistic work by our members and supporting members, especially in the performing arts.  We organize art courses and workshops for professionals and the general public. We collaborate with leading cultural and educational organizations to engage diverse audiences, particularly in terms of language, internationalism, and economic diversity. As we create quality artistic and educational work, we develop and enrich art and culture in Finland and beyond. For more information about Culture Current, please click here.