(Inter)acting with the Inner Partner Courses in Finland

Culture Current and its members have been organizing (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner courses in Helsinki, Finland since January 2012.  The first beginner and intermediate courses were organized in collaboration with Alexander Komosi and Milja Sarkola at Takomo Theatre. Since then, Culture Current has opened up 1-2 Beginner courses a year.  In 2012 and 2013 beginner and intermediate courses took place at The Performance Center Helsinki.  Since then, we have been practicing at the Finnish Actors’ Union rehearsal spaces.

Alexander Komlosi has been leading these classes. Ida Backer and Hanna Räskinmäki have also assisted and lead classes.  We’ve had guest teachers from Prague, including Irena Feithová and Howard Lotker.

In Finland, Alexander has also taught classes at the Theatre Academy Helsinki, Svenska Teatern (the Swedish Theatre), and Valtimonteatteri independent of Culture Current.


What is (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner?

(Inter)acting with the Inner Partner (IwIP) is a solo improvisation discipline that explores the nature of dialogues in and around us. It is a guided process of coming to know yourself by relating to your inner partners in public. IwIP offers a holistic (psychosomatic) path of studying and practicing the basic principles and dynamics of creative communication and dramatic play.

What does it mean to be and (inter)act dramatically, playfully and spontaneously in a performance situation?

Through IwIP, you study and practice these and related questions and how they relate to a number of core values and dynamics like dialogue, partnership, conductive empathy, freedom, vital energy, dramatic play, and authorship with a trained teacher in class. You reflect on your experiences through written reflections on your own (with your inner partners).

In its broadest sense, IwIP is a path of self-discovery, self-understanding, self-acceptance, and self-realization. In its more specific senses, IwIP becomes what you make of it.

For more information about the discipline, please visit IwIP’s website.


If you’re interested…

IwIP courses for beginning students (if you have never practiced the discipline before)

IwIP for beginning students will be part of a course in Performative Well-Being at the University of the Arts Helsinki, Open University from September 20th – November 29th 2017.

For more information about this course, click here for info in English…….click here for info in Finnish.

There are no other separate IwIP courses for beginning students planned for the near future in Finland.


IwIP courses for continuing students (if you have participated in a course for beginning students and have attended at least 8 classes)

For fall, 2017, IwIP courses for continuing students will take place twice a month on Saturdays.  Please click here for more information.


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